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Real Stories. Real Savings.

Read about how other active adults made the decision to move to a Del Webb community. You'll learn how they made the move work within their budget, about the quality of their home and their lifestyle, and some of their favorite community amenities and events.

  • Del Webb home: $1,987
  • Previous home: $3,853
  • Del Webb home: $335
  • Previous home: $122 (water for lawns in HOA fees)
  • $214,000
Celebrate by Del Webb, Fredericksburg, Virginia

Kathy’s decision to move to Celebrate by Del Webb near Washington, D.C. was a no-brainer, not only because of all the activities, clubs and amenities available. “I moved to live closer to my daughter and her two little boys,” she admits.

While living close to her family was a deciding factor in her move, her initial concern was quick availability at Celebrate. “I sold my house in Florida with the agreement that it would be available to the buyer within 6 weeks.” And since Kathy didn’t need to apply for a mortgage for her new home, she was able to move quickly.

When asked what benefits she gets for the monthly association fees, Kathy offered, “At the top of the list, a great clubhouse with both indoor and outdoor pools, exercise equipment and a library. The fees also include lawn maintenance and snow removal – a blessing during last winter.”

There are plenty of things to love about the Del Webb lifestyle, but Kathy points out that she enjoys her new neighbors the most. “I’ve met so many lovely people through the activities here.”

View Celebrate by Del Webb
Gerry & Ro
Celebrate by Del Webb, Fredericksburg Virginia

When Gerry and Ro were searching for their new home, location was high on their list of must-haves. “We retired and wanted to live in an active community that was centrally located near major highways, shopping, restaurants, churches, hospitals, major cities with airports/trains and amusement parks for our children and grandchildren.”

When asked if affordability and value were important in the decision making process, their response was an emphatic, “YES!” Their new Del Webb home easily met their budget needs. “It’s less costly to live in than our previous home in Fairfax County, VA.”

Regarding their monthly association dues, the Chechiles are satisfied they are getting value, as it includes, “Clubhouse activities and property maintenance.” They were considering a health club membership when they saw the state-of-the-art exercise equipment at Celebrate. They immediately changed their minds. While some things are included that you can’t put a price on. “The opportunity to meet our neighbors and make new friends.”

View Celebrate by Del Webb
  • Del Webb home: $3,600
  • Previous home: $5,600
  • Same as previous home
  • $404,000
  • Del Webb home: $3,900
  • Previous home: $8,000
  • Del Webb home: $160-$180
  • Previous home: High $200's
  • $367,000 (includes basement option, premium lot)
Chris & Don
Village at Deaton Creek, Georgia

What made Chris and Don decide to move to the Village at Deaton Creek? "Our daughter and son-in-law found it for us!" says Chris. "We were living in Columbus, Ohio. The minute we said we were going to list our house and move south, they started looking. They really did their homework, going through all the models before we did. They now live 35 minutes away!"

So far, as financial matters go, "The sale price of the home and the extra discount offered through Pulte Mortgage also influenced our decision," says Don. "The discount offset the reduction in the sales price of our previous home."

"This is our first experience with a Homeowners Association," Don says. "We’ve found that it’s a good value, is really very easy and makes a lot of sense."

Chris can’t believe how much there is to see and do in her new community. "There is always something to do. Clubs are free. Classes and dinner events are very reasonable. The most we have paid for dinner was $7. Entertainment has been great. But what we enjoy the most is meeting new people," she said, before adding, "And of course the weather!"

View the Village at Deaton Creek
Vern & Judi
Edgewater, Illinois by Del Webb

Vern and Judi wanted a fresh start—but they wanted to stay near their friends and family. "All eleven of our grandchildren live in the greater Chicago area," says Judi. "So Del Webb Edgewater was an ideal choice." She continues, "We got great value for our money. Elgin is a great town. There are plenty of places to shop, eat, and a lot of cultural activities."

Vern and Judi certainly weren’t hermits before, but now their social life has really picked up. "Like many older adults, we didn’t have a lot of friends of our own age before we moved here. Now we have so many that whenever we go anywhere in the immediate area, whether shopping or dining or whatever, we invariably see people that we know. I joke that we now have so many friends that we’re not taking on any new ones—but we ARE taking applications."

And what do they do with these new friends? Well, Judi took up mahjong, is an officer in both the book club and cooking club, and was instrumental in the Lunch & Learn activity that puts on an event about every month.

For Vern’s part, he plays tennis several times a week, introduced pickleball to the community, runs the computer users group, and is active on the social committee that holds at least one event a month. He also became a registered tax preparer, does taxes for many residents, and even teaches courses for other people who want to become registered.

View the Edgewater Community
  • Del Webb home: $5,775
  • Previous home: $6,200
  • Del Webb home: $200
  • Previous home: $230
  • ~$300,000 (includes lot premium, upgrades and options)
  • Del Webb home: $1,300
  • Previous home: $0 (rented for $1900/mnth)
  • Del Webb home: $90
  • Previous home: $350
  • $175,000
Harvey & Bernie
Del Webb at Lake Oconee, Georgia

Harvey and Bernie actually left their previous (northern) lifestyle behind several years ago. "We lived in Florida and then Atlanta, but neither ever really felt like home," explains Bernie. "That all changed when Bernie and I visited Del Webb at Lake Oconee. It was like a scene in the movie Cocoon; we figuratively jumped into the pool and came out feeling all fresh, new and exhilarated."

Continuing the show business comparisons, Harvey adds, "The community is that genuine and the people already make me feel like I’m perpetually walking into Cheers—and my name is Norm."

A thoroughly modern couple, the Karts used every available resource to research their move: the Internet, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube.

Was it a hard decision to move into a new lifestyle and start meeting and making new friends? "I can’t express enough—once we came to Del Webb at Lake Oconee, engaged with the Lifestyle Director and became involved with activities and residents, it was soooo easy to make the decision to move here!" says Bernie.

View the Lake Oconee Community
Linda & Keith
Del Webb Stone Creek, Florida

Linda and Keith love the quality and value of their new home—but they do have a problem with it: "There’s so much to do at Stone Creek that you have to keep a calendar with your priorities!" Linda explains.

One thing that Keith likes to do is golf. "We wanted to live in a golfing community that was on site with golf cart access," he says. "Some communities make you commit to a monthly number of golf rounds, and the course is maintained by the community, which can get expensive. Residents of Stone Creek enjoy golf in a private course setting, with public access. Residents pay a reduced rate."

Linda adds, "There are many golf groups available for play at all different levels, for men and women, and the residents are all very friendly with one another."

Linda was impressed when they did the walk-through of their new home. "The walk-through of a new home we once bought in New Jersey was so quick because the builder just wanted to know what we didn’t find satisfactory. At our new Del Webb home, it took a long time because their representative made sure every appliance worked perfectly and every drawer rolled smoothly. Then we moved into a great house, and a great lifestyle."

View the Del Webb Stone Creek Community
  • Del Webb home: $2,400
  • Previous home: $8,500
  • Del Webb home: $130
  • Previous home: $290
  • $218,000
  • Del Webb home: $1,600 (after the Homestead Act kicked in)
  • Previous home: $3,700
  • Del Webb home: $225
  • Previous home: $475
  • $181,000 (after incentive)
Marie & Jim
Ponte Verdra, Florida by Del Webb

"Del Webb offered a great price for a home that fit us perfectly", says Jim. "That, with the savings in taxes and energy costs compared to our home in Pennsylvania, allowed us to start the 'good life' sooner than we thought we would be able." Marie adds, "We first visited in April and were Florida residents by July!"

Why make the move in the first place? "We wanted to get away from those wretched winters up north and have fun in the sun! We hit the road with our wish list, and Del Webb Ponte Vedra had everything we were looking for – and then some!"

Jim adds some advice for people facing a similar decision: "Pulling up roots and moving a thousand miles away is never an easy thing to do," he says, "But just keep your eye on the prize and trust that things will work out great."

Regarding Home Owners Association fees and what they get for them, Marie explains, "For $152.50 a month, we get a full-time lifestyle director, a gorgeous state-of-the-art clubhouse, fitness center, indoor and outdoor pools, indoor and outdoor spas, sauna, steam room, many charter clubs and interest groups, a Café (where everybody knows your name), live shows, social activities, a party pavilion, fire pit, putting green, pickleball, tennis and bocce courts, exercise classes, dance classes, yoga instruction...and more!"

View the Ponte Vedra Community
Kevin & Kathy
Del Webb Orlando, Florida

Kevin and Kathy told us, "There's a misconception as to what an 'adult community' entails. One of the best ways for potential homeowners to learn the truth is the Explore Del Webb program that allows you to experience the Del Webb lifestyle for yourself, for a day or a few."

Kevin and Kathy enjoy spending their days however they see fit with the community's many amenities. "The Montecito Clubhouse is well appointed and outfitted for physical fitness. The two pools are a wonderful benefit so that there is always time available for swimming and/or aqua fitness.activities. The social activities (such as the Wine & Chills, card clubs, dinner by the pool, etc. etc. etc.) all contribute to the building of relationships among neighbors, " explains Kathy.

Like many Del Webb residents, Kevin and Kathy use their home in Del Webb Orlando as a seasonal getaway. Kevin says, "Our timeline for being serious about buying a home in Florida was to be 2014, but that all changed this past spring when we visited with friends down here who suggested we consider bumping up our timeline due to the fantastic lower interest rates, as well as lower prices for homes in Florida."

"Once we visited the model home park, we were impressed with the quality of materials as well as the construction. When we took a tour of the Montecito Clubhouse and the community, there was no turning back! We decided to buy a 'quick move-in' house and start our new lifestyle as fast as we could."

View the Del Webb Orlando Community
  • Del Webb home: $2,800
  • Previous home: $8,400
  • Del Webb home: $165
  • Previous home: $225
  • $203,640 (includes lot premium, upgrades and options)
  • Del Webb home: $2,500
  • Previous home: $4,000
  • Del Webb home: $208
  • Previous home: $133
    not including sewer & water
  • Energy-efficient features of new home:
  • R-19 walls
  • R-30+ attic
  • Dual pane windows
  • Energy-efficient AC and heat
Dennis & Marla
Sun City Festival, Arizona

"In 2003 we started visiting active adult communities in Arizona, focusing on new communities," explains Dennis. "We felt the value at Sun City Festival (SCF) was the best of all the communities we looked at. SCF offered some good deals that helped us make our decision."

Since they moved to Sun City Festival, Dennis and Marla have been extremely active-even for Del Webb residents. "Free time is frankly limited, because we're involved in so many activities," says Dennis. "However, this is by choice. When we do have 'free time,' we play cards and dominoes with neighbors and friends, go mountain biking, read, work out or take walks."

"We just love the variety of activities, and the ability to pick and choose to fit our schedule, and the wonderful friendly atmosphere."

View the Sun City Festival Community
Richard & Barbara
Alegria, New Mexico by Del Webb

Richard and Barbara found their place in the sun at the Del Webb Alegria community in Albuquerque. Barbara says, "We fell in love with the weather, the culture and the overall atmosphere of the area. Del Webb Alegria's active adult lifestyle was the icing on the cake."

Del Webb Alegria also offered the perfect combination of value and affordability they were seeking. Richard says, "We wanted a quality home that wasn't too expensive and would hold its value. We are very happy with our home and our community."

Richard and Barbara love socializing with their neighbors at the community center, attending lectures at the local historical society, hiking in the mountains, working on arts and crafts, and sampling the local cuisine at one of the excellent restaurants nearby.

View the Alegria Community
  • Del Webb home: $3,300
  • Previous home: $4,000
  • Del Webb home: $180
  • Previous home: $225
  • $112/mo. includes: full use of amenities, maintenance, landscaping, community center, pools, patios, grills, courts, and community trips.
  • Del Webb home: $1,400
  • Previous home: $9,000
  • Del Webb home: $125
  • Previous home: $300
  • $189/mo. includes: full use of amenities, garbage, lawn care, shrub care, sprinker systems and basic cable.
Alfreda & George
Sun City Festival, Arizona

Alfreda gives a familiar answer when asked why they chose Sun City Festival: "No snow to shovel." Long-time New York residents, she and her husband, George, had a number of other reasons for moving to Sun City Festival, affordability chief among them. "Affordability and value were very important to us," says Alfreda. "The community had a number of homes to choose from. We looked at a spec home, fell in love with it and bought it."

Of course, the Del Webb lifestyle was another strong motivator. "Festival meets our needs in many ways. It's a chance to meet people from all over the country. We enjoy joining clubs, and the get-togethers like movie night, casino night and live entertainment."

Asked how she spends her days, Alfreda says, "I take classes in Zumba, body sculpting and tap. And I joined a club called the F.A.B.s—the Festival Association of Beauties!"

View the Sun City Festival Community
Jim & Marlene
Bridgewater, Michigan by Del Webb

Who says you have to retire to live like it? Not Marlene. A part-time dental hygienist, she and her husband, Jim, have lived in Del Webb Bridgewater for the past four years.

Marlene is amazed by how many new friendships they've made. "You really get to know everyone here at Del Webb Bridgewater, because everyone is so friendly. It's hard to believe all these wonderful people weren't part of our lives just four short years ago." Jim thinks their busy social calendar has a lot to do with the Del Webb lifestyle. "We have a full-time Lifestyle Director and a great social committee that engages the community. We have so many opportunities to form friendships and a constant stream of fun events and casual activities."

What led Marlene and Jim to choose a Del Webb community? Marlene says, "The amenities were very important, but first and foremost we wanted a well made home. We love the open floor plan, the large rooms, the energy efficiency and the gorgeous wetland view."

View the Bridgewater Community
  • Del Webb home: $225
  • Previous home: $300 for a smaller home
  • $183/mo. includes: full use of amenities, snow removal, and landscaping.
  • Del Webb home: $1,600
  • Previous home: $1,600
  • Del Webb home: $150
  • Previous home: $265
  • $195/mo. includes: full use of amenities, snow removal, garbage, lawn care, and sprinker systems.
John & Linda
Britton Falls, Indiana by Del Webb

According to John, moving to Britton Falls seven years ago was a "no-brainer." Since then, he says, "We have never been more active or healthier!"

John and Linda love being surrounded by all the health and wellness amenities in their community. On any given day you can find John playing golf, swimming, or working out in the fitness center. Linda enjoys yoga, jazzercise, table tennis, and jewelry making.

"We also look forward to the special events," John adds. "The sock hop, community parties and wine tastings... there's always something fun happening."

John and Linda not only found the perfect community for their lifestyle at Britton Falls, they were able to build the perfect home. Linda says, "Affordability and value were very important to us. We didn't just get what we paid for, we got more!"

View the Britton Falls Community
Jerry & Judy
Britton Falls, Indiana by Del Webb

It's hard to imagine a club or class at Britton Falls that doesn't have either Jerry or Judy as a member. Their list starts with water aerobics, jazzercise, mahjong and choir, and eventually ends with billiards, pickleball, yoga and golf.

Why did Jerry and Judy decide to retire here? Judy says, "We knew about the Del Webb reputation and it has lived up to all our expectations. Britton Falls was the perfect place for us because of our active lifestyle."

Del Webb also delivered the value and affordability they were looking for. "We moved from a high cost of living area, so Britton Falls was a real eye-opener on prices. We were able to purchase a home with many options included. We couldn't be happier."

View the Britton Falls Community
  • Del Webb home: $2,500
  • Previous home: $5,000
  • Del Webb home: $257
  • Previous home: $350
  • $195/mo. includes: full use of amenities, maintenance outside area of home, garbage pick-up, community center upkeep

Prices may not include lot premiums, upgrades and options. Community Association and golf fees may be required. Prices, promotions, incentives, features, options, amenities, floor plans, elevations, designs, materials and dimensions are subject to change without notice. Square footage and dimensions are estimated and may vary in actual construction. Community improvements and recreational features and amenities described are based upon current development plans which are subject to change and which are under no obligation to be completed. Each Del Webb community is unique and may not include all programs, improvements, recreational features or amenities that are shown or described. Some programs and amenities may also require payment of additional fees. Actual position of house on lot will be determined by the site plan and plot plan. Floor plans, interiors and elevations are artist's conception or model renderings and are not intended to show specific detailing. Floor plans are the property of PulteGroup, Inc. and its affiliates and are protected by U.S. copyright laws. Photographs depict models containing features, designs, options and/or upgrades that may not be available on all homes or that may be available for an additional cost. The photos and descriptions of any improvements, features or amenities are not an actual representation of a particular community or improvements, features or amenities available and are for illustration purposes only. Models also display many decorator items and furniture which are not available for purchase. Visit the community for detailed lists of features or amenities or options/upgrades and decorator items and for additional important disclosures for the community and the home. At Del Webb communities, at least one resident of household must be 55 years of age or older, and additional restrictions apply. Some residents may be younger than 55. This material shall not constitute a valid offer in any state where prior registration is required or if void by law. Details available on request except in some states where state laws may restrict providing information to residents. For further information, see our terms of use. This is not an offering to residents of NY, NJ, CA or CT or where otherwise prohibited by law. Pulte Home Corporation is a licensed California real estate broker (Lic. # 00876003).